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Ambassador Retreat at ASM Microbe 2018!

This year I attended the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) annual meeting, ASM Microbe 2018. Thousands of students and scientists from around the world gathered to exchange information on the latest developments in scientific research, technology, and public health!

As ASM's Young Ambassador to California, I participated in their Ambassador retreat where I connected with ASM Young and International Ambassadors from across the world. Everyone was super cool and enthusiastic about their role and increasing the public's interest and involvement in science; especially as it relates to microbiology.

ASM Young and International Ambassadors. That's me third row from the bottom, third from the left in the tan blazer. Say CHEEEESE! haha

So what now? Why is this interesting? Why is this important? Well... because we are a resource to the public for FREE! $FREE.NINETY-NINE (though if you are at a non-local location, you may possibly have to cover travel).

An ASM Ambassador: A voluntary representative specially selected and appointed by the American Society of Microbiology that has access to priceless resources for K-12 students, college students, and early/mid/late career scientists!!

And why are we doing this you might ask...umm because were cool scientists who love the heck out of science so much, that we volunteer our time to spread this love. So connect with us! Find you local ASM Ambassador. Or, if your local area does not have one, then contact a local branch or chapter to help you access the resources you need.

Locally, in California, I am actively pursuing outreach opportunities at camps, after school programs, youth groups, universities, and local institutions to offer workshops geared to their needs. Please reach out to me if you are interested and I am also happy to help connect you to other resources as they relate to STEM and mentorship.

ASM Ambassador to California, Dr. Ashley Queen

And because I'm here with all the A's to your Q's, I am glad I could offer your these precious gems!

- Dr. Queen


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