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Five Random Things that May Make the Adult Heart Skip a Beat this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a mixed bag of romantic adventures, business as usual, and utter despair. I thought I would enlighten your day with FIVE random things that may make your heart flutter, skip a beat, but hopefully not stop (sign waiver here, read below, at your own risk).

1. That unexpected moment where your lovebug swoops in and breaks every on-looker’s heart with the ultimate well executed Valentine’s Day plans. These actions will certainly make hearts sing and reign terror upon the lonely, hardened hearts. Yes, corny and cliché holidays can make some gag on today’s lunch special, but you better enjoy your piece of happiness!

2. The Trump administration proposing to devastate and destroy both the ability of U.S citizens to be able to both attend academic institutions and to be able to afford to repay loans in an economy that does not readily offer the sweet dream we are promised in the push to pursue higher education. That definitely can make the heart skip a few beats. Read more here.

3. The real love bugs. Bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections can literally ATTACK YOUR HEART!!!! Read more about some interesting horrors here, there, and umm over there too! Oh and have your heard of the deadly kissing bug? A microbiologist’s work is never done.

4. On talks of monogamy, some animals really do mate for life! There’s hope for the loyal diplo-hearts! And there’s other animals who, well let’s just say, they like…options. There’s also hope for the polyamorous hearts out there too. And [clearing throat], I am referring to those who openly profess themselves, not the secret polyamorous (or promiscuous) hearts who celebrated a top-secret Valentine’s Day eve or have belated secret plans! I remind you, all fun, this is the no judgement zone.

5. Dying of a broken heart, can truly occur. Though usually treatable, a broken heart [emotionally] can actually promote real cardiac consequences. So, if not before, please know that it is essential to take care of your mental health so you can bounce back from the rough breakups, lost loved ones, and crushing life experiences. This is the time where I say, “Go into the light Carol Anne”…the light at the end of the tunnel that is.

I’m here for it,

…well actually, maybe only for some of #1 and #4.

- Dr. Queen


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