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HR Professionals: Part 4 of Blocked from the Good ol' Boy Network

The job search world becomes more and more of a game of skill in writing a resume than actually being accurately viewed for your competencies. How often are excellent candidates overlooked because their skill set was not displayed in their resumes to the insurmountable expectations of reviewers?

How often are resumes not reviewed by individuals trained to understand and translate the skillset’s an applicant has to be successful at a job. Be it overworked with tons of applications and understaffed; a lot of talented people get overlooked by a system that seems to not have completely caught up with the very technology used to screen applicants.

There are also a lot of unscrupulous activities for which corporations are guilty of marginalizing excellent employees and rather than own the regrettable actions, the solution is to blackball and undercut employees from having a voice and from future employment through the use of their own HR teams.

How many HR professionals take on a fresh perspective and give that marginalized applicant a shot?

Rather than listening to the politically correct undertones of the previous employer essentially urging them not to move forward with the applicant? All of these practices facilitate standing in the way of someone’s access to opportunity.

As a gatekeeper, this places an exceptionally large responsibility on your shoulders to really investigate what it means and what it would require of you to be that “human resource” to the applicants. This would counter facilitating some of the not so savory needs of the Good ol’ Boy Network.

The minor to major things we do or don’t do can all influence the progression of one’s success. Sometimes people just spare the Good ol' Boy Network of having to trouble themselves. And as such, there has to be some final thoughts here. How can we put this into perspective? How can we change this? Can it be changed?

Check out the 5th and final part of this series of Blocked from the Good ol' Boy Network.

I'm here for it.

- Dr. Queen


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