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I'M FUNDED! Spreading the Word about Science and Opportunity

So, I have been approximately missing in action for an entire month! I know, I know; this blog-life is hard work when you're a scientist during the day and super-hero at night. But guess what, when you disappear, you better come back with something sweet to keep the people coming back to see what you have to say! Hold on to your seats folks.

As previously mentioned, I am the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Young Ambassador to California; you can find my bright shining face on their Ambassador page. I have been developing an action plan to spread the word about Science and more specifically opportunities in Microbiology and the S.T.E.M field.

I will be working with local universities to partner with faculty and staff, serve as a mentor to college students, and re-engage or newly engage membership in the ASM (P.S. I have discounts for new members!). I will also work with under-served and under-represented K-12 students to get them excited about science and let them know that they are capable and their diverse backgrounds are necessary for the continued success of the S.T.E.M fields.

A major part of what will make this experience successful, are the partnerships I will form with different institutions to accomplish this effort.

So with that being said, I applied for a grant to support these activities and I have been officially granted funding!

The ASM believes in my vision, and I look forward to engaging with everyone during this journey, shaping lives, and providing meaningful tools for individuals and institutions to flourish beyond my time as Ambassador!

Now join me and take approximately 10 to 10,000 seconds to do a happy dance. Interpretive dance, river dance, shake what ya' mama gave ya, go into full ballerina/ballerino mode. Just dance with me and celebrate the potential of the future!

I'm here for it.

- Dr. Queen


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