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New Blog Don't Care... Why am I here?

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone could ever make, is to impose limitations on themselves, others, and their environment. According to the scale of the average human size [not including mythical creatures that someone has claimed to have witnessed arguably every moment no one else is looking], this planet…this world in which we exist… is HUGE. And each of us, in any given circumstance, can exist in groups, pairs, or as party of one…in our own micro-world. And though we may sometimes may not individually experience these ‘different’ worlds, it is our responsibility to at least try to gain an understanding of them; start a discussion.

And that brings me to the concept of this blog. Many times we expect that when someone writes a blog, that it must stay in its own respective lane (health, beauty, lifestyle, history). But guess what, that's not my blog. My life is a sum of a multitude of experiences and though I could pick a lane, I choose not to.

I refuse to live my life within a designated box, so certainly I must treat this blog the same. So basically, I'm going to talk about whatever I feel the world needs to hear. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am glad that you're here for that! If you're not, then please return to your micro-world (um, respectfully?).

Now, even though I said I can blog on whatever is on my mind, for all the type-A readers that must know in advance:

- My initial and primary purpose for starting this blog is due to my love of S.T.E.M and my intent to advocate by sharing cool stories and information about science (I am a Doctor of Microbiology, and I will insert hidden micro-related references in every post--for fun of course)

- The complexities of building and maintaining relationships with others

- Controversial and neglected topics affecting the most vulnerable micro-worlds

And, wait for it…

- E.T.C (yes this abbreviated term of unknown meaning may deeply affect you, but cut me some slack A’s)

And because I would hate to be THAT person who has a lot of awesome things to say, but loses an audience because they don't know how or when to shut up, I will end my first official blog post… HERE.

I'm here for it,

- Dr. Queen


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