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Solutions: Part 5 of Blocked from the Good ol' Boy Network

Uh oh, after four mini but super informative and reflective readings, I bet the wheels are turning. But...we must come back down to earth and confront these feelings. We have to engineer [STEM hehe] some sort of plan to confront these problems we are creating for ourselves, or perhaps even falling victim to.

But first we must be honest, let go of pride, and ask ourselves...

Could I be guilty of this?

Have I been a victim?

Bad news first; there are people who knowingly or unknowingly stand in the way of success because they miss opportunities to connect, they place red tape in front of opportunity, or they act in the interests of oppressive work practices. Do you feel guilty? Possibly. Should you feel guilty? More than likely. Can you change moving forward? Absolutely.

Tea time. I love this image, but I promise I am trying to keep you out of that "Sunken Place" (whispering Getttt Ouuuuutt).

We owe it to ourselves to BE A VOICE TO THE VOICELESS whenever we can.

The good news is that awareness and spreading the word can be an effective solution.

Overall, there’s nothing like pushing pride aside and accepting the challenge to conduct a self-inventory; making a plan to either improve good behaviors and rid yourself of the bad ones just like the garbage you toss in the dumpster.

It takes a village, and frankly… if all else fails, CREATE YOUR OWN NETWORK.

Problem SOLVED.

I’m here for it.

-Dr. Queen


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