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Tell the Truth Tuesday

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Inclusion Matters...

I am working as part of a committee on diversity at work. Our committee is diverse, which is important. However, coming from a true melting pot of the Washington D.C area, I have learned being out West that not everyone’s definition of diversity, truly reflects what it means to be diverse.

As an African American in this committee, I not only represent recognition of all ethnicities, cultures, disabilities, and backgrounds; I also stand to represent as not necessarily THE voice, but A [strong] voice for the Black community.

Having spent a little over a year out West now and visiting a few times prior, I recognize that the Black communities are very few and small. I also recognize that because of that, we often go unnoticed amongst the many ethnicities that surround us. “Out of sight, out of mind”, as the old saying echoes.

As we prepare for some exciting and informative activities throughout the year, I hope to generate inclusion and understanding, as I serve in this committee.

What’s the 'Bigger' Picture?

Most importantly, are the thoughts of how not being represented or forgotten can impact OPPORTUNITY. Because while everyone should have the opportunity to be great, not everyone is presented with those same opportunities. Nor is representation always adequately considered when it comes to access to information and understanding of the communities that we serve.

I place the responsibility on to YOU that whatever role you hold in the workplace, community, and socially; that you always exercise the opportunity to build connections with different people and to keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity to share with others.

I’m here for it.

- Dr. Queen

(Please note that facts, thoughts, and opinions that I share reflect those acquired independently. They do not necessarily represent that of any agency, institution, or individuals in which I am affiliated.)


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