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Your Colleagues: Part 3 Blocked from the Good ol' Boy Network

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself in competition with others (when it’s not necessary]? Have you ever had access to information that may not impact you at all, but could help another, that you purposefully withheld?

Do you gossip and perpetuate the spread of information that may negatively affect another’s perception by others?

Then there are managers, who have the power and tools to promote but choose not to exercise it; another example.

These are all efforts that are indirectly made on the behalf of the Good Ol’ Boy Network.

But the buck does not stop here.

Everyone who has ever submitted an application for a company with an HR team has encountered the frustrations of the hiring process. Though these professionals are in place to recruit talent and serve as a beacon of knowledge and an asset to employees, they are not immune from potentially being guilty of unfavorable ideologies and practices.

Check out PART 4 which discusses how HR professionals may stand in your way of being a part of this exclusive network.

I'm here for it.

- Dr. Queen


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