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Ashley Queen, Ph.D.


THE FIRE Dr. Queen knew that she was carrying something special that the world could use; her purpose is greater than herself. She is a strong advocate for encouraging interest in the S.T.E.M field. Dr. Queen, an entrepreneur, recognizes that financial freedom is a tool to achieving our diverse goals and avidly shares her knowledge with others. She is an advocate for social justice and civil rights; everyone deserves a seat at the table. She is an advocate for filtering through the noise and seeing the beauty and value of people around you. She is empowered by seeing and helping others become their best self. And she most importantly, can never be fully defined by anyone's box! She enjoys the dynamic of being herself and always being ready to wear the hat of any occasion.

"I hope you are as excited to be a part of my journey and this experience as I am. I look forward to sharing my perspective and getting to know you through your feedback. It will be fun and challenging to discuss STEM, finances, entrepreneurship, and being socially in-tune with controversial topics. Certainly, messages that everyone can benefit from.

Welcome to my experience, family!!! "      


- Dr. Queen



THE DREAM A woman ready to inspire, uplift, and change the world around her; Dr. Ashley Queen is in an exciting place in her life where she has taken center stage. Born and raised in Maryland and working professionally within the region coined "The DMV"; Dr. Queen was able to grow and develop in a very diverse region while also having exposure to the unique social, political, and professional landscape of living near the Nation's capitol.

THE INSPIRATION From a young age, Dr. Queen was raised with the expectation to perform well in school. A child of two parents who are quite outspoken, she demonstrates that the mind is an incredible sponge. Uniquely, it can breed an incredibly insightful person who has so much more to offer the world than the standard expectations society often assigns. ​She has a Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Coppin State University and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Microbiology from Howard University. She has served in roles via industry, government, and academia as a Microbiology and Public Health Director, CMC reviewer, Research Microbiologist, Subject Matter Expert, an Adjunct Faculty member. She is currently President of Queen Consulting Group LLC and co-founder of STEMPIRE Inc.. Dr. Queen continually serves as a mentor to students and peers. Outside of her profession, she is active in outreach, golfing, and traveling.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on belong to the blogger, Dr. Ashley Queen, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any agency, corporation, organization, or institution for which she may perform official duties. This disclaimer further extends to any other brands or advertisements discussed or featured on this or affiliated sites.

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