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Friends and Acquaintances: Part 2 Blocked from the Good ol' Boy Network

Could you and your friends be standing in each other's way?

Has anyone ever told you about an amazing idea that they had and how they just haven’t met the right person to help see it into its physical form? Or how many times has someone come to you with a great idea and your only response is to inject doubt and tell them how others are already doing the same thing; rather than encouraging healthy competition?

Has someone ever vented to you about a disturbing situation that affects their livelihood, and when confronted with an opportunity to actually have a voice to speak up about and influence change in something, you miss the mark?

Too often do we meet people in everyday life that have a particular skill or resource that may be useful to ourselves or to someone we know.

We have to train our minds to build connections by engaging our networks to provide solutions to others in our sphere. There are too many missed opportunities. And too often do many of us stand in the way by just meeting status quo, not being analytical, quick on our feet, and questioning practices.

And we cannot forget: how many of us see opportunity and make connections but purposefully hoard them because we have an inner conflict where you fear what the potential of success for someone that you know, may expose or mean for your own life?

Oh there's more, read on to PART 3 to see how colleagues and management can influence success.

I'm here for it.

-Dr. Queen


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